Patchwork laptop case – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Moda Jelly Roll, Rose Parade, one; plus 50cm print cotton for liningQuilt wadding: cotton, 1mRibbon, 1mVelcro, 1m

Dimensions List

This is a custom-sized project

Measuring guide:

To estimate the size of the finished project, measure the width and length of your laptop and add 7cm to each measurement. For example, if your laptop measures 25.5cm x 35.5cm, then the finished case will be 32.5cm x 42.5cm. Finally, add 15.5cm for the closure.

Make the patchwork block

Cut the fabric. Lay out the strips of material from the Moda Jelly Roll and cut it into pieces – three 6.5cm squares and 57, 18cm strips.

Start to assemble the patchwork. Take one square piece and one strip, and place them right sides together, aligning along one short edge. Sew together along one side, and open out (as pictured). Press the seams to one side to neaten.

With right sides facing, place another 17.75cm strip on top of the work, aligning it along the top edge and lining up the corners as shown to create a right angle. Sew into place with a straight machine stitch.

Repeat, adding further rectangles to the work (working alternately on each side) until there are 19 pieces in total sewn together in a chevron pattern. Repeat steps 1-4 to create two more blocks (three in total).

Press the blocks and trim to neaten. To do this, take a ruler and draw a straight line from the top of each chevron block to the bottom, then trim to make both jagged unstitched side edges straight.

Join the three patchwork blocks along the newly-cut straight edges, then trim the top and bottom edges straight (using a ruler to check the edge). This should produce a rectangular patchwork block. Measure, then trim the lining fabric and wadding to the same size.

Add a velcro closure

Place the Velcro. Fold the work in half widthways (with right sides facing out). Using a ruler, measure 27cm down from the top edge of the folded quilt top, this is where the first (fluffy side) will be positioned. The second (hook side) should be 4cm down from the top edge. Place the Velcro into position and, making sure that it is straight, pin into place and sew.

Assemble the laptop case

Stitch the lining. Fold the lining fabric piece in half widthways, with right sides together. Machine stitch down the open long side and one short side, to form a ‘bag’ shape. Leave a 15cm gap in one side for turning through later.

Place the wadding and patchwork block pieces together, wrong sides facing. Pin to secure. Fold in half with right sides facing and stitch down the open long edge and one short edge to create a ‘bag’ shape, catching both the wadding and the patchwork in the seam. Turn right sides out and press.

Add ribbon decorations. Cut a length of ribbon into four pieces and place each of them along the top edge of the patchwork block, positioned 8cm in from each of the side edges. Make sure they are facing inwards, with the raw edge of the ribbon aligned with the edge of the patchwork block (so that they trail down inside the bag). Tack into place.

Place the patchwork and wadding inside the lining, with right sides facing, and pin together. Using a straight machine stitch, sew all around the top of the bag. Turn the work through the 15cm gap in the seam of the lining, press, then sew the seam closed. Press to finish.