Patchwork Baby Quilt – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: fat quarters of several coordinating cotton prints; cotton for backingLightweight quilt wadding, 1m x 1.25mEmbroidery thread

Dimensions List

90cm x 120cm

1 Plan the layout of your quilt using our guide or by creating your own on graph paper. Cut fabrics into sized blocks. We have used 16cm squares, 8.5cm squares, 8.5cm x 16cm rectangles, 8.5cm x 31cm and 16cm x 31cm rectangles. Start by stitching the small pieces to each other, before joining them to a rectangle and then to a larger square, and so on. Ensure all seams match up for a perfect finish. Press the finished patchwork panel with a hot steam iron to remove creases and flatten seams.

2 Press the cotton backing fabric and lay on the floor. Centre the sheet of quilt wadding on top, then place the patchwork panel right side up on top. Pin all three layers together at regular intervals. Tack around the quilt, 1cm in from the edge. Trim the wadding to the same size as the quilt top but do not cut the backing fabric.

3 Quilt the layers by sewing six strands of embroidery thread down through the fabric at an intersecting seam and back up, 1mm away. Knot the threads together and trim to leave a 1cm tail. Cut the edges of the backing fabric to 1.5cm larger than the quilt. Fold over 5mm, then again by 1cm to enclose the raw edges. Slip-stitch in place.