Party hats – Free sewing patterns


Cotton, 22cm x 38cmLightweight iron-on interfacing, 22cm x 38cmTrimming, 22cm Pom pom trim Bias binding Fine cord elastic, 45cm Pom poms

Download and print the templates from With right sides facing, fold the fabric in half. Lay the template on top of one side of the material, matching up the fold line of the fabric with the template. Draw around the template and cut out.

Stitch the trimming to the front of the material. If using a zig zag trim, machine stitch over the zig zag in a bright, contrasting thread. For the mini pom pom trim, hand stitch to the hat with a matching colour thread. For the bias binding, open out one side of the binding and with right sides facing, pin this unfolded edge along the bottom edge of the hat. Stitch along the fold line and remove the pins. Fold the bias binding over to the reverse of the fabric, pin and topstitch.

With right sides facing, bring the two straight edges of the fabric together. Pin and stitch down this side. Trim the threads and turn through to the right side. On either side of the hat, and with the ends positioned on the inside, hand-stitch a 45cm piece of fine cord elastic. Stitch a pom pom at the tip of the hat to finish.