The Nike Waffle One keeps coming out in new styles, and the latest one has double swooshes on the sides.

The shoe has a vintage-inspired design and a summery feel

Most of the sneaker’s base layer is made up of grayscale patterns, and the logos on the sidewalls are animated by shades of green. Small swooshes on the side quarter panel work with the exposed stitching around the tongue to add a pop of red to the vintage-inspired design. Molded structural parts at the heel are different from the rest of the shoe because they are soft blue. This makes the shoe feel ready for summer. Lastly, the sole unit is simple, with a partly recycled waffle-patterned tread and a tan color.


There’s no doubt that the double swooshes make the shoes look better, since they’ve been on several recent Nike Waffle One releases. This suggests that Nike wants to take advantage of how popular this feature is and make it a permanent part of the shoe’s design.