Nautical Doorstop – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, five shadesFusible webbingThread: embroidery, contrasting; sewing, matchingPlastic toy beads or dry sand

Make a doorstop

1 Download the doorstop templates by clicking the button above – they will be included on the template pack. Cut out four triangle shapes from contrasting fabrics. Trace the anchor motif onto the paper side of fusible webbing and cut out roughly. Press the adhesive side to the back of printed fabric and carefully cut along the pencil mark. Peel off the backing and press the anchor centrally onto the plainest material. Neaten the edges with a contrasting thread or sew by hand using small blanket stitches.

2 Pin three of the triangles together to make a pyramid, then machine stitch using a 6mm seam allowance. Pin the fourth triangle to the base and machine stitch each side in turn. Leave a 3cm gap in the centre of the last seam.

3 Press back the 6mm seam allowance on each side of the gap. Turn out, then spoon in some dry sand or plastic toy beads, filling the pyramid as firmly as you can. Slip stitch the gap with close, secure stitches.