Nail File Holders – Free sewing patterns


Printed cottons, twoMedium weight fusible interfacing

Stitch nail file holders

1 Cut two 5cm x 39cm strips of fabric, and fuse interfacing onto the reverse of each. Use a soft pencil or water-soluble pen to mark sewing lines on the interfacing, 5mm in from each edge. Place right sides together and pin in place.

2 Starting 10cm down from the top, sew around the edges, pivoting at the corners, and remembering to leave an opening in one long side. Turn out and iron.

3 Lay the fabric sleeve flat with the lining facing up. Fold so that the side seams match and the front piece is 3cm shorter than the back. Pin in place.

4 Starting at the fold, sew 5mm in from the edge, stopping at the top of the front piece. Back stitch at the beginning and end to secure. Repeat along the remaining long edge, sewing up the gap.