My Hundred Lines

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Grilled, roasted or smoked chicken

Desire or money- which is more significant?

Isn’t important- if demand is sought

Putting food on tongue in imagination

Drawing graph of power and dosage

Decision could be taken aptly

Neither there was nor there be any debate

Debate never wakes up

From physical-mental ethereal pleasure

Days spent darning dreadful times

Laying on the new or old bed-sheet

Trees uprooted with fruitless shaking

Cell phone buttons waning

Gradually like shoe sole

Splashed up on pathless wild trail

While walking alone

Red eyed dusk like owl

Sharp teeth of tiny mouse

As the notch of carpenters file

Midnight shouting harsh

As crocodile like house-lizard

Cockroach dancing classical way

Within the interplay of light and shade

But hesitation never sprouted

Not the day after night-

Nighttime arrived roaring laughter

Dark tweaked to deep murky

After the last day of last fortnight

Not the moon- but the deep-black clouds

Set up cluster of tents in the sky

Balloon of fallacious time perforated

By the nocturnal animals

Time went mutely on double march

Flash of lightening moment added salt

To the disordered mind and threw

On the corrugated iron sheet roof

At the midsummer scorching day

Where am I standing now?

On the knee-deep water of sinking land?

Or washed out in the Saturday night’s wave

Besides the crematorium’s river

Sleeping alone in the underground furious cell

With the treasury of jewels like mummy

Dim demand line intercepting

The diffused marginal utility curve

On the slope-way of life

And entered into the dark quicksand

Wearing desire sit knelt down

To a deep-blue precious stone

No other second stone is there

To light a fire of existence

Forgetting the daily grammar

From the center of gravity of a polygonal want

Gauging the center of circle’s core utility

Going a little ahead slowly

All of a sudden slipped noiselessly

White bear moving around frosty destination

Compass went into hiding- fled away the target

Friendless daily adventure

To the posterior feelings

The pigtail of collapsed sensation

Removing lice with condolence

With millions of cells daily

Whirling round and round

Within narrow circumference

No tree attached black badge on pocket

No cosmic tremor is recorded

In the tranquil twilight

Nature put on ornament of lights

As if a cluster of small fishes

Going against the stream to hunting trap

Candles of the illumination go out one by one

A giant parasite on the soul

Unseen destructive beast injured the body

Forgetting all possible directions

Moving heather and thither

Paths has eaten up by the infrastructures

Flattering shadow spread wings

Over dislocated brain-cell

I am dubious sighted deaf and dumb

Like an extremely senior person

Eclipse of impassable misfortune

Is attached as the glue on my forehead

I have read the palm of space

In the moonlight at midnight

Backbone fractured on greasy algae

Everyday going the down stream

Struggling frantically to keep afloat

Lastly, hoisting rend shirt on the top of solitude

Cool calligraphy of misfortune

Set up on the helpless garret

On the moment of taking decision

– Decision itself hanged with a rope

On the exerciser banyan tree

Investigators are in deep waters

During post-mortem session

Still amazing dreams beckon

Playing snake-ludo with soul

Snakes biting- restarting every time

I lost both legs- but going ahead on crawl

write by Mazhar Qureshi

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