The already-powerful Mighty Swooshers are getting a new member, and it might be the best one yet. The Nike Zoom Flight 95 is joining this elite group of warriors. Its design, based on the “bug eye” pods on the midsole, fits in with the intergalactic nature of the group.

Picture-through translucent outsole adds a unique look

The Dunk Low, the Air Force 1, and the Air Jordan 1 Low are already part of the Mighty Swooshers. This mid-1990s classic joins them with iridescent finishes on the midsole, a hexagonal texture on the upper armor, and metallic finishes on the Swoosh logos. Through the clear outsole, you can see a picture of this made-up team that looks like it came out of a comic book, and a hangtag on the shoe has an action figure-style miniature figurine. The Dimension Six is a nice nod to the brand’s history. Before Phil Knight came up with the name “Nike“, “Dimension Six” was one of the names he thought of.


The Zoom Flight 95 is not only the first Nike shoe to join the Mighty Swooshers, but it has also changed how people see the group. This is not the last time someone will try to join the Swoosh, though. Nobody will ever be able to stop that from happening.