Mickey Mouse Shirts – A Century Of Awesomeness!

Mickey Mouse has been one of the most famous characters Walt Disney ever created. In all certainty he still rules the souls of many of his followers and they lose no opportunity to showcase their love for the little mouse over and over again. Mickey merchandise always been a popular affair with kids and adults alike.

Mickey t-shirts are a rage ever since they were introduced years ago. Thus, when wearing the shirt, you feel a sense of true allegiance towards Mickey Mouse and the park that Disney created.

Mickey Mouse shirts are tailor made according to different customers and are not restricted only to kids wear but are also available for adults with some of them buying reprints of the ones they wore when they were toddlers.

You can find these shirts in different colors and also in different sizes, thus catering to the needs of every customer who is a fan of the famous character. Disney specially endorses Mickey shirts to keep the memory of the character alive for coming generations. Quality wise, these shirts last long and are robust in nature and the colors seldom fade away.

More recently, Disney has come up with a new set of shirts which coincide with 80th birthday of the character. These shirts have become quite famous from the day these were introduced in the market and as expected, most of the youngsters within age group of 12 to 14 years are die hard customers of these shirts, not to forget the oldies who still are severely dedicated to their pal.

Though times have changed, Mickey mouse has defied age and even after being introduced 80 years ago by Walt Disney, people swear by the name of this invincible character from Disneyland and keep their loyalty towards the mouse true by wearing Mickey mouse shirts!

write by Calantha