Men’s Skinny Ties

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When it comes to fashion and their wardrobe, men don’t have as many options as women do to diversify their appearance, unless they want to follow fading trends and risk falling into ridicule. One of the best accessories a man could have in his closet is the tie, this versatile piece of cloth that can be worn both formally and informally. Today we are going to talk about men’s skinny ties and describe when and how they can be worn. These highly fashionable accessories can be worn by any type of man, at any age, but it is important to know how to match them to the rest of the outfit.

Men’s skinny ties were introduced towards the ending of the 1960s and they were made popular by bands like The Beatles. If you want to know how to recognize skinny ties, you should know that their width should not exceed 1.5-2.5 inches. Moreover, they are not really suitable all year-round, but are rather appropriate for spring or summer, when they can be visible and matched with the right clothes. For example, a skinny tie will go much better with a suit that has narrow lapels, because it reiterates the thin lines of the tie.

The great thing about men’s skinny ties is that they can be worn with informal or casual outfits as well. You could even match them to a skinny shirt and a pair of jeans, to which a blazer jacket could be added. It is also necessary to say that if you want to wear your skinny tie with a suit, one-button or two-button suits are much more appropriate and fitting. We also mentioned skinny shirts in combination with this type of tie, so it should be implied that shirts with wide spread collars would only make you look weird and unkempt. You could also match your skinny tie with your suit, or with the color of your jeans, but you also want to avoid being too assorted unless you are really good at fashion and clothing.

The way you make knots for men’s skinny ties is also important, just like it is with any other type of tie. For skinny ties, it is recommended to apply the four in hand knot, which is rather asymmetric and thus more suitable for such a fashionable getup. You can find tips and tutorials on how to tie such a knot on the internet. Unfortunately, men’s skinny ties are also pretentious in choosing their men, because they are so much more fitting for tall, rather slim men; stockier guys should avoid them, because it makes them look even bigger.

Skinny ties are also a bit pretentious when it comes to patterns and fabrics, so you should avoid wearing any that have polka dots or regimental stripes. Instead, go for knits, modern stripes, solid colors and even checks. Nevertheless, you should also trust your instinct when it comes to choosing skinny ties. It’s important to take into consideration your own style, your way of expression and preferences.

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