Mens Compression Wear Product Review – Underworks Compression Body Girdle Gynecomastia Shirt

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Underworks Mens Compression Gynecomastia Shirt Review

Underworks has yet another offering among its selection of mens shapewear with this compression shirt designed especially to relieve the effects of gynecomastia. Whether you call this medical condition by its formal name, or refer to them as “moobs” or man boobs, gynecomastia is the cause of loss of self-esteem for many men. This spandex gynecomastia shirt promises to flatten the chest area to eliminate the appearance of excess breast tissue. The Lycra spandex and nylon knit material is designed to be invisible underneath clothing and to conform to your every move. Added benefits include support from your upper neck to your lower back. Also the strengthened Lycra sheet in the midsection gives additional stomach flattening benefits.

Does this men’s compression garment as advertised?

According to Amazon reviews, the Compression Gynecomastia Shirt actually works as well as it was advertised. Over 18 customers rated this product to give it an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Whether you suffer from man-boobs or not, many benefits were received via smoothing and flattening of excess fat around the midsection. The result is the appearance of a slim and trim masculine figure. So consumers definitely agree that this product works exactly as advertised to eliminate embarrassing man boobs and protruding belly.

Overall Product Review for Mens Compression Body Shirt Girdle Gynecomastia Shirt

As expected, there is a reason why this product did not receive 5 out of 5 stars, and it has little to do with whether the compression top actually works. Instead, many consumers noted that the white body shirt girdle has a tendency to show through clothing, specifically the special panel designed to flatten the midsection. Therefore it may appear as if you’re actually wearing a girdle instead of a regular men’s undershirt. However, this problem seems to be remedied by ordering the compression top in black instead.

Other suggestions for those interested in buying this product is to make sure to order it in your correct size. Otherwise there may be difficulty in trying to remove the compression shirt. For those with sensitive skin, it is advised to check if the material of the Compression Body Shirt Girdle Gynecomastia Shirt suits them. Such precaution is due to the very light irritations some consumers reported. However, it is very safe to say that there were never any serious allergies that resulted from this shirt. Just make sure that you do some skin trials first, and immediately remove the shirt if it does start itching bad.

On more of the good side, it does help out with your lower back pains if you have any and it even shapes up the pectoral muscles and does improve your posture. This important feature is something that many men try not to overlook, as back support is something that most girdles do not provide.

All in all, the Underworks Gynecomastia shirt does exactly what it is advertised to do. If you are tired of hiding that flab by wearing huge shirts, then this product would be perfect to try. Be sure to have realistic expectations – the Underworks Compression Body Shirt Girdle Gynecomastia Shirt will not produce miracles, but it is rather effective in shaving a few inches off of the waist. For a price of under $30, the only thing you have to lose in this men’s compression shirt are a few inches off of your waist and your unwanted man boobs.

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