Marrakesch Table Runner – Free sewing patterns


Co-ordinating all-purpose threadCo-ordinating decorative threadVelvet ribbonCotton fabric (145cm wide) from Marrakesch collection4cm x 6cm stiff card

Dimensions List

Individual: 50cm x 162.5cm Joined: 162.5cm x 210cmCombinationsRunner 1: Panels in rosette pattern (dusty pink), central section in flower tendrils (dusty pink)Runner 2: Panels in small paisley pattern (dusty pink), central section in rosette pattern (beige multi-coloured)Runner 3: Panels in rosette pattern (beige multi-coloured), central section in small paisley pattern (dusty pink)Runner 4: panels in flower tendrils pattern (dusty pink), central section in rosette pattern (dusty pink multi-coloured)

Sew a table runner

Cutting guide
Central section: one 50cm x 137.5cm piece each from flower tendrils, paisley and rosette pattern Note: pay attention to the repeat for following (see step 1) Panels: cut two 25cm x 50cm pieces each from flower tendrils, paisley and rosette pattern Tie: cut 40 16cm lengths of velvet ribbon Note: add a 1cm seam allowance to above sections (excluding ribbon)

1 Pay attention to the repeat when cutting the rosette pattern; for the panel pieces, four rosettes are used across the length and two across the width. The central section is 11 rosettes long and four rosettes wide.

2 Fold the panel in half lengthways, wrong sides together, and press. Lay the open edges of the panel right sides together onto the short edge of the central section and pin. Sew the seam with a 1cm seam allowance. Trim together and iron towards the central section. Repeat for the second panel.

3 Pin velvet ribbon over both seam lines for the panels on the right side of the runner, down the centre. Sew into place on both sides, close to the edge.

4 Fold the long sides of the runner by 1cm to the right side, and iron the fold line. Trim the seam allowance to 5mm-7mm. Pin the velvet ribbon over the seam allowances, flush with the outer fold line. Form a 1.5cm loop at each end in order to tie in the tassels. Insert the end of the ribbon between the panel and under the velvet ribbon. Insert 16cm velvet ribbons to the points on the pattern marked with an ‘X’ between the seam allowance and the velvet ribbon, and pin in place. Sew the velvet ribbons on close to the edge of both sides, fixing the binding bands and the loops at the ends.

5 Wrap the light pink decorative thread around the card for the tassels. Insert a a 20cm length of thread under the wrapped thread, and use it to tie the wrapped threads together tightly. Remove the card and cut through the wrapped loops. Tie around the tassel head, roughly 1.5cm under the knotted loops, and knot the thread multiple times. Use the single thread to tie the tassel to the loop on the runner. Make 16 loops in total.