Marie Curie daffodils – Free sewing patterns


Felt, yellow, cream orange, greenChalk pencilBrooch back

Dimensions List

12cm x 14.5cm

Sew an easy daffodil

1 Download the online template above and print. Use it to cut six petals from yellow felt and a trumpet.

2 Clip one long edge of a 2cm x 8cm piece of yellow felt, roll to make a tassel and secure. Wrap the trumpet around the tassel, sew the side seam and stitch at the base.

3 Crease each petal in half, running stitch from the centre down to the base, then open and sew to the trumpet base. Add five more petals. Make two leaves in the same way and sew to the daffodil back.

4 Slip stitch a small disc of felt over the raw edges, then add a brooch back to the reverse.

Craft for a cause Fancy donating your daffodil brooches to Marie Curie, a charity that provides care and support for people living with a terminal illness, and their families? Send your brooches to:PR Team 6th Floor, Marie Curie, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP, where they will be distributed to Marie Curie shop branches.