Make Up Brush Storage Pouch – Free sewing patterns


Four printed fat quartersPlain cream brushed cotton fabricBias binding Bias binding folder

1 Draw a rectangle, 20cm x 36cm, onto paper and curve off the corners; a glass tumbler or cup to draw around will help to keep all four corners uniform. Mark onto this template the lines which will be used to divide the pocket into narrow sleeves. Make three segments in the centre, 4cm apart, then lines 2cm apart on either side. Check that these spaces fit your make-up brushes.

2 Using the template, cut out three pieces in different printed fabrics and one in brushed cotton, then fold and press one of the printed pieces in half. Layer the fabrics together: place a printed piece face down, then the brushed cotton, then another printed piece face up, and finally the folded piece positioned towards the base. Pin together.

3 Using the template as a guide, chalk the dividing lines onto the layered pieces and stitch along each line in a contrasting thread.

4 Make the bias binding by cutting 4cm wide bias strips from the remaining printed fabric. The bias of a fabric is a 45° angle from the selvedge. You may need to join strips together to make enough to surround the edge of the pouch. Lay the two ends of the strips at right angles with the right sides of the fabric facing and stitch together. Pass the bias strip through a bias binding folder, pressing with an iron. Carefully fold and press the binding in half again lengthways.

5 Slot the folded binding over the raw edges, pin, then machine edge stitch the binding in place with a matching thread. Start stitching the binding in the centre of the left-hand side and slightly overlap the end of the binding as you finish.

6 Cover the join in the binding by stitching a small strip of contrasting binding over the join to make a loop. Create a tie for the pouch by cutting another bias strip. Pass it through the folder, fold and press in half lengthways, then edge stitch the folds together to make a tie.