Luggage Tags – Free sewing patterns


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Fabric: fat quartersKey fob clamp

Dimensions List

0.5cm seam allowances used throughout, unless otherwise stated.


Cut two pieces of fabric, 9cm x 13cm, and place right sides together. With a pencil, draw a rectangle, 4.5cm x 7cm, in the lower centre of the fabric and topstitch around the line. Cut out the centre of the rectangle, clip the corners and turn right sides out through the hole. Press and topstitch around the aperture.


Cut two more pieces of fabric the same size to make the back of the tag and place onto the front pieces. Use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut off the top corners to make a tag. Stitch the left-hand long side of the back, right sides together, then turn out and topstitch. Fold in the long left-hand edge of the front pieces and topstitch.


Place the front and back right sides together and sew around the remaining edges. Trim the seam allowance to 2mm, turn out and topstitch, sewing into the first and last 1cm of the open edge.


Fix a key fob clamp to the top of the tag. Fold a 4cm wide strip of fabric in half, then sew down the long edge and across the ends, leaving a 5cm gap in the centre. Turn out and press before slip-stitching the gap. Use the strap to tie the luggage tag onto your case.

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