Loungewear – Free sewing patterns


Pyjama topFloral print fabricWhite cottonLightweight sew-in interfacingFusible webbing7mm wide pink ribbonEmbroidery threads, assorted

Dimensions List

Top: Custom sizedBag: 28cm x 38cm

Stitch a pyjama bag

1 Download and print the online pack that contains the project templates by clicking the button above. Cut two 31cm x 41cm pieces of patterned fabric. Pin the rectangles together, right sides facing. Stitch the long side edges and short lower edge, leaving a 1cm gap 7cm below the short upper edge and using a 1.5cm seam allowance. Press the seams open and clip the corners.

2 Press under 5cm on the upper edge and pin in place. Stitch around the top 2cm then 3cm below the upper edge, forming a channel for the ribbon. Cut two 90cm lengths of 7mm wide ribbon for the drawstrings. Use a safety pin to thread one through the channel, starting and finishing through the same gap and knot the ends together. Repeat with the other, taking it in and out of the other gap. Turn the bag out.

3 Download and print the patch template. Use a sharp pencil to trace it onto the right side of white fabric. Press fusible webbing onto the wrong side. Cut out the shape and peel off the backing paper.

4 Use three strands of pink embroidery thread to embroider the words in either long and short stitch or satin stitch, and the outlines in back stitch. Embroider stars with single stitches using one strand of magenta thread.

5 Tack the patch in position on the bag. Press it over a towel to fuse in place. Remove the tacking stitches and press again. Secure the patch with blanket stitch using three strands of lilac embroidery thread.

Customise a top

1 Download and print the appliqué pyjama template. Trace the reversed template onto the paper backing of a 20cm x 25cm rectangle of fusible webbing. Press this to the wrong side of floral print fabric. Cut out the pieces and peel off the backing paper.

2 Lay the pyjama top right side up on an ironing board. Arrange the letters on the front and press in place. Slip a 20cm x 25cm rectangle of lightweight sew-in interfacing under the appliqué and pin or tack it to the underside of the top.

3 Use an air-erasable pen to outline the letters. Stitch along the drawn lines with a zigzag stitch. Trim away the interfacing close to the stitching.

Make another

1 Create another embroidered patch in the same way as for the pyjama bag, and attach off-centre to a pyjama top or pocket. Slip the ends of some coordinating ribbons under the patch, pinning them along the length and tacking in place. Cut off any excess 2cm below the hem. Stitch close to the long edges, turn the lower ends to the underside and hand sew in place. Fuse and blanket stitch the patch to finish.