Look Vintage Tough With a Miami Ink Low Rider Adult Costume

As a reality television show, Miami Ink was able to capitalize on a popular theme and add a slight twist to it and in the three years it’s been around, it continues to build on it’s worldwide fan base.

As a Halloween theme, it’s just perfect. For example, the Miami Ink Low Rider Adult Costume may not be something you would want to be seen wearing at the family reunion or Christmas get together but at Halloween, it blends in just nicely. Halloween combines the value of shock and horror with the adoption of popular themes from the big screen, television and popular video games and presents them in real life examples.

The attraction with the Miami Ink Low Rider costume is it screams “hey, I’m a cool chic!” It’s one of those peer pressure things at school where the cool brigade ruled the roost and everyone wanted to be just like them.

Well girls, as a Halloween choice, then the tattoo look will certainly elevate you to cool status if only in appearance but it’s amazing how you can adapt your personality to fit what you’re wearing. There’s a theory that to achieve something you need to be it and live it and you become it.

We’re not suggesting you go to that extreme and converting full time to the tattoo look but for a day at Halloween, you can live it safe in the knowledge that you can throw it in a chest and store it in the attic for the next fancy dress party.

One of the features of the Low Rider Adult Costume is it’s real-like shirt. Real in the fact it is flesh colored and printed with tattoos and it would need someone to take a close up look to actually determine whether that artwork is a permanent part of your body.

The long sleeve egypt shirt is accompanied by a mini skirt and matching bra and fetures a striking red belt and of course, the essence of coolness, the black shoe toppers. Now it’s an outfit that’s probably going to send mother into a state and declare her little girl has gone over to the darkside but seriously, for a day and night, even she can live with it.

Halloween has a particular way of bringing out the creativeness in people and the other great aspect about it is you really do get an insight into what they like and desire to be.

write by Eirian/Arian