Leather clutch – Free sewing patterns


Glue-in purse claspLeatherLining fabricCoordinating threadFabric gluePaper or bulldog clipsFusible interfacing

Dimensions List

12cm x 23cmUse a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Make a party bag

1 To make a pattern, sketch around the top of a clasp onto paper. Mark 4cm from each hinge section, draw a sloping line, then draw two parallel lines down. Measure 14cm from the top edge and pencil a line along the bottom to join up with the two parallel lines. You should have a rectangular shape with two sloping corners. Cut out and use this as your template.

2 Cut out two main purses from leather and two from lining material. Iron fusible interfacing to the leather to make it firmer, if desired. With right sides together, sew the lining pieces around the bottom three straight edges. Change the needle to one suitable for leather, then repeat.

3 At each corner of both the lining and the leather, press the bottom and side seams together to flatten the corner. Measure in 1.5cm then machine stitch across. Snip to reduce bulk.

4 Place the lining inside the leather right sides facing, matching the side seams. Use paper or bulldog clips to hold together, then machine stitch around the open edges leaving a 10cm gap along the top. Snip the corners and seams, then turn out.

5 Press and machine stitch the gap. Glue the top of the bag into the frame, one side at a time. When dry, open the clasp, the hinges should be low enough to hold the purse inside, if not, add a few over stitches on the seam.