Las Vegas Hidden Secrets for Tourists

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Even in the city that never sleeps – where restaurants, bars, nightclubs and grocery stores hardly close. In Vegas, even 24 hours is sometimes still not enough time. With so much to do and until a sunrise to do it, why waste time in Vegas figuring out what to do? If you’ve been to Vegas before and you’re interested in trying something new or maybe you are more interested in checking out behind the scenes of Sin City, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a few tips and tricks EVERY local knows.


If there’s one Vegas club you can’t miss, it’s the XS Nightclub located in the Wynn Casino. If you are not from Vegas, you’ll find yourself paying a pretty penny for not just entry to the XS nightclub, but probably every club in Vegas. The best thing to do is to connect with a nightclub promoter. You can find plenty of promoters soliciting along the streets of the Las Vegas Strip. You’ll know them by their three piece suits, handing out cards and wrist bands hollering to the public about their free bottle service and limo rides. If you’ve been to Vegas you know exactly who I’m talking about. Sure, they may seem a little on the shady side, but as a local, I can tell you – these workers are legit. Club promoters are not the shady street hustlers and swindlers they seem to display. They are actually hired by the casinos to bring people into their clubs. You see, soliciting on the Strip is illegal in Las Vegas and so, how are these promoters getting away with it? Well, who do you think is running the city? The Las Vegsa Strip Casinos! Talk to these promoters, bargain a bit, hook them up with a nice tip and you will receive discounts on just about anything. Looking for special VIP service, all you have to do is ask.

It’s starting to become common knowledge: the 2:1 ratio is rule. If you are going to the club with a group of people, there needs to be a ratio of at least 2 men to 1 woman in order to increase your chances of getting in. Use this information to your advantage. Also, club promoters can hook you up even better if your group can abide by this rule.


You’re not limited to just night clubs while in Vegas. The activities available to you in the city of lights are limitless. Why not check out a Vegas Strip pool party like the Encore Beach Club. home to DeadMau5, AVICII and other amazing electronic music DJs. Again, club promoters are the people you want to talk to for discounted entry and bottle service.

Or, why not take a two hour helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon and walk along the Grand Canyon SkyWalk? Experience the illusion of floating over the canyon as you tip toe onto a transparent floor suspended 500 feet above the base of the Canyon. If you don’t feel like flying all the way to Arizona, you can always hover over the Las Vegas Strip in a chopper while toasting bottles of champagne. And, you can find all of this, on the Las Vegas Boulevard.

If you like to “support the economy” or go shopping but, you’re on a budget, hit up the local’s favorite – The Premium Outlets located in downtown Las Vegas. They’re known for the best selection of stores and ridiculously low prices on items you won’t find anywhere else. I once purchased 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts all for under $100 – all name brand stuff too! Plus, the Premium Outlets mall is located directly on the edge of classic Downtown Vegas where the cocktailes are cheap and the table games brag $5 minimum plays.

The strip clubs in Las Vegas are said by many to be the best in the world. Looking for the most gorgeous girls, then Spearmint Rhino is where you want to be. Right across the street is the Deja Vu club, an 18 and over all-nude strip club, the only one in Vegas. All your free entry and free drink discounts at the Strip Club will be provided by your street corner club promoters. Oh yea, think of these club promoters as the gate way to discounts and the undergound. Whatever it is you are looking for, chances are, they know.


Las Vegas is known for some of the best food in the world and don’t forget, the Casino cafes are open 24 hours a day. Buffets like the unknown Rio Seafood Buffet are, guaranteed, top notch. Here’s a quick tip: sign up for a players card whenever you visit a new casino. Sometimes, just by signing up, you can get a free buffet dinner, like at the Silverton Casino. Also, with these player’s cards, you can rack up points that can later be used for free gaming, free meals and other perks. You’re going to have to spend a few bucks gambling to earn points, but if you’re going to gamble anyways, why not stack up points on your card and win something every time?

A place you also want to check out is the secret pizza spot in the Cosmopolitan. It’s on the third floor next to the pool tables through a hallway you would never guess led to probably the best pizza in Vegas. Find a hallway with a checkered floor that looks like it’s just for employees.

A Vegas winter can be mighty cold and sometimes a bowl of authentic Japanese noodle soup will keep you level. Try the Monta Noodle joint on Spring Mountain and Decatur. If you want mom and pop, this is it. Delicious pork, duck, or chicken noodle soup served hot and fresh.


The Fremont Experience has become the icon for Downtown Las Vegas. Here, you can check out free live music shows, grab yourself a tasty cocktail, a fried twinkie, you can try your luck on a $3 BlackJack table and if you got nothing to lose, zipline across Fremont Street. What many people don’t know is that Downtown Las Vegas received a massive $17 million facelift meant to revive Classic Downtown Vegas. So, you will be pleasantly surprised by the sights, remodeled old timer casinos, like Golden Nugget’s water slide through a shark tank, and definitely the low low prices.

If you’re trying to find something to do in the afternoon, take a gander at the Arts District also located Downtown. Here, you will find beautiful street graffiti painted on historic buildings and art interwoven into the city’s architecture.

On First Friday, the Arts District becomes a sidewalk side show packed with street performers and artists creating live art work for sale. Bargain for an original piece made by one of Vegas’s very own. You might also want to check out the Cornerstone Art Gallery a low brow street art modern gallery of amazing pieces.

At night, The Griffin Club, The Beauty Bar and the latest installment to what’s happening in Downtown Vegas, Insert Coins, cram hundreds of dedicated party people and drown them in alcohol while rattling the pictures off the wall with the music of live local DJs.


Hopping from Casino to Casino is the game we like to play. But, if you do, obviously, you want to make sure you’re carrying plenty of cash. And, if gambling is your thing, be sure to know that the odds on the Strip are always going to be in favor of the house. Of course, every casino has the odds in their favor, but according to local Las Vegas gamblers, you’ll have better luck trying your luck in the off-the-Strip Casinos such as The Orleans, The Gold Coast and any of the casinos in the downtown area. True, these off-site casinos won’t be as glamorous, but if you’re here to win, they are the place to be.

Las Vegas is and always will be the entertainment capital of the world. If you really want it, you will find it in Vegas. Just be sure to take care of the industry workers, the hosts, waitresses, card dealers etc. because the way to gain VIP status here in Vegas is not always through your wallet. If you show Vegas and it’s people love, you’ll gain special access to the city’s riches – free tables at clubs, free drinks, free limo rides, free food, and free entry to almost anywhere you can imagine. Sometimes, you can even frolic in the perks of the VIP that even most Vegas locals can’t access. Just play your cards right. Make sure people in Vegas remember you so that you can forever be taken care of.

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