Kid’s Superhero Cape – Free sewing patterns


Main fabric, 90cm (1.14m wide)Lining fabric, 90cm (1.14m wide)Hook and loop tape, 1.3cm wideFelt, two (star) or four (lightning) colours, 30.5cm of eachFusible interfacing (optional)

Dimensions List

Fits ages 3-8Cutting guideCape: cut one each on the fold from fabric and liningStar (optional): cut one each from main and contrast colour feltStar flare (optional): cut one each from main and contrast colour feltLightning bolt (optional): cut one each from main and contrast colour felt

Sew a superhero cape

1 Download and print the templates above. Cut out the cape pieces according to the cutting guide, then select which appliqué you want to use.

2 For the shooting star design, trace and cut out shapes from felt according to the cutting guide, leaving extra fabric around the flares, but cutting out the stars directly on the lines. Pin or fuse the smaller star centrally over the larger one, then topstitch the layers together.

3 Layer the flare pieces, then trace the dashed lines from the template onto the top layer in water-soluble pen. Pin the two pieces together and stitch along the dashed lines, then around the outside edges. Trim close to the stitching around the outside edges.

4 Cut out the centre portion of the flare from the top layer, 3mm from the stitching, to reveal the lower layer. Remove the marked lines by dabbing with a moistened cotton ball. Pin the star over the flare as shown, with the star overlapping the flare by 6mm.

5 For the lightning bolt motif, trace the templates onto the felt and cut out the shapes according to the cutting guide directly on the marked outlines. Centre the smaller bolt over the larger one, pin and topstitch together.

6 Pin 7.6cm of hook-and-loop tape to the neckline tab on the cape – secure the softer (loop) side on the right side of the lining, and the rough (hook) side on the right side of the cape top. Stitch around the edges of the tape twice to give it extra strength.

7 Pin the cape top and lining right sides together. Before sewing them, you might want to fuse small pieces of fusible interfacing on the wrong side, directly behind the hook-and-loop tape. This will add strength and some stability to the neck closing. Sew around the cape, leaving a 20.3cm opening on one side of the cape as indicated on the pattern. Trim the raw edges to 6.4mm, using pinking shears if you have them, but do not trim the opening.

8 Turn the cape right side out through the opening. Carefully use a point turner or chopstick to help push out both neckline tabs. Press the stitched edges of the cape, turning the raw edges of the opening inward, but do not iron over the hook-and-loop tape as it will melt. Topstitch around the edges of the cape, closing the opening as you go.

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