K-Swiss Sneaker – The Classic Stood the Test of Time

Art and Earnest Brunner, two brothers with a love for the outdoors, and especially skiing, emigrated from Switzerland to California where they became keen tennis players. They realized that there were no tennis los angeles clippers t shirt available, akin to the quality of ski-boots they were accustomed too, and thus they founded the K-Swiss shoe company. They produced the very first leather tennis shoe, “the Classic”, a shoe that remarkable for its movability, support and durability, it took the tennis fraternity by storm.

The materials used for the classic was sourced from various countries, the leather from Argentina, the outersoles from Pirelli, Italy and the non-erosive D-rings for anchoring the shoelaces came from Germany. The shoe had a very distinguished look, the upper consisted of only three pieces of leather; the two sides and the tongue. Five leather straps on each side housed the shoelace-D-rings and strengthened the shoe. The K-Swiss logo imprinted unto the heel of the sole, was the only markings on an otherwise totally white shoe.

The Classic after its Wimbledon debut in 1966 became the shoe of choice for professional and non-professional tennis players. Sales from word of mouth referrals generated sufficient income for the company, eliminating the need for additional advertisement campaigns.

During the 1970s almost every person living on the West Coast had a pair of Classic’, it was such a favorite amongst the Japanese immigrants and tourists frequenting the region, they created a cult-like following back in Japan, resulting in the los angeles clippers t shirt selling there for the equivalent to $100 per pair.

Steven Nichols bought and took over the CEO position of K-Swiss in 1987, he expanded the company using a strategy of selling moderate quantities to very selected high-end department stores across Europe and the UK, thus keeping the shoe’s “exclusivity and luxury” heritage.

K-Swiss continued to expand worldwide with sales in excess of $500 million by 2005.

Change brought about by aggressive advertising from companies like Reebok, Nike and Adidas, turned footwear and athletic apparel into a fashion statement.

Today, due to technical advancements in the shoe manufacturing industry, the Classic lost its use as an on-court tennis shoe, but it survived the test of time as it is still a very in-demand sneaker worn by people of all walks of life, from athletes and superstars to every kid on the block.

write by Leon