Julia Gilet – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, 1m (160cm)Lining, 1m

Cutting guide

Front: cut one pair in fabric and liningBack: cut one on the fold in fabric and lining1.5cm seam allowance used throughout.

Dimensions List

8-20Search `Your Pattern Size Guide` for measurements

1 Download and cut out the pattern, then follow the cutting guide. Pin and sew the shoulder seams of the jacket and lining, right sides together, matching the notches. Stitch to the dot marked at the back shoulder edge and press the seams open.

2 Match and pin the neckline lining to the gilet neckline, right sides facing, then pin each entre front edge. Sew from the base of the gilet up around the neck and down the opposite side.

3 Match the gilet armholes to the lining ones, right sides together. Pin and stitch in place. Clip around the curved seam allowance on the armholes and neckline. Trim the bulk from the curved top corners. Turn the gilet to the right side by threading the front parts through the shoulders.

4 Match up the side seams, pin and sew from the base of the gilet up the underarm, then continue the seam into the lining side seams. Make sure that the armhole seams are open and matching exactly when sewing.

5 Turn the gilet back to the wrong side, matching the lining base to the gilet. Pin and sew together, leaving a gap of approximately 15cm in the centre of the stitching line. Trim the bulk from the curved corners, then turn the gilet to the right side through the gap. Tease out the seams and corners, then close the gap by hand slip-stitching.