After doing well in the playoffs, the New Orleans Pelicans will be a team to watch in the NBA season of 2022-2023. When Zion Williamson is at full strength, they will be an unstoppable force. We haven’t seen the former Duke star’s full potential yet, but if he’s ready to go at the start of next season, he’ll be wearing his Jordan Zion 2 signature shoe, which is shown here in the “Voodoo” colorway in official photos.

The shoe is inspired by African-born religious dolls and altars

Images of the Jordan Zion 2 “Voodoo” have already been leaked, and they show that it is covered in materials that are usually used to make traditional dolls and altars for the African-born religious movement. The Zion 2 is made of multiple layers, including hemp canvas, hairy exteriors, and suede swatches. Stitching on the outside also adds to the look. The logo of a voodoo doll is on the heel and the insoles, and this launch colorway comes with a special shoebox.


The Jordan Zion 2 is the perfect shoe for someone who wants a stylish basketball shoe with a different look. Fans of Air Jordan are likely to like it, and the different colors and materials should help them do so.