Joan Blouse – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, 1.5m (150cm)Lining, 1m (150cm)

Dimensions List


Download and print the pattern, then follow the cutting guide. Pin the front fabric and lining pairs, right sides together, then sew the slanted edges and base. Trim the corners, turn out and press.

With right sides facing up, lay the front right panel over the left, matching the necklines and shoulders. Pin and stitch the four layers around the front neckline with a 1cm seam allowance. Clip the allowance and turn the left side over the right.

Under-stitch around the neckline and topstitch 2.5cm from the slanted front edges and across the base of both front panels. Cut a bias strip of fabric, 4cm x 30cm, then fold and press 1cm on either side of it.

Pin and sew the bias binding around the neckline, then fold it over to the wrong side of the neckline. Pin and edgestitch, sandwiching the raw neckline inside. Trim any excess at the shoulders. Zig zag stitch the back and front shoulders, securing the overlapping pieces.

Pin and sew the shoulders together, then press the seams. Turn and iron the base of the back piece by 1cm, then another 2.5cm. Pin the front pieces over the back, right sides together, then sew the side seams and neaten the seam allowances.

Line the base of the front panels with the 2.5cm press line on the back. Wrap the back hem around the base of the side seam, leaving the fold in place. Sew the hem along the side seam stitching line, then fold it inside the blouse and edgestitch.

Using the stitch length five, complete a line of gathering stitches around the head of the sleeves from the front to back notches. Neaten each sleeve, then pin and sew, right sides together. Press and turn out.

Pull up the gathering threads and place the sleeves in the armholes, matching the notches. Pin and sew the side seams and underarm seam of the sleeves together, then neaten. Fold the sleeve ends by 1cm, then another 2.5cm, and edgestitch.