How to Use a Safe Dog Chew Toy to Modify Dogs Chewing Habit

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All puppies go through a chewing stage. Chewing fulfill their natural instincts to grab, bite, kill and consume. Dogs like to play with objects and pretend to KILL it by grabbing, shaking and ripping it apart. Some fall in love with shoes and will gnaw through your favorite shoes or the corners of your Italian sofa. Dogs are not snobs when it comes to “woofing” down a good shoe.

You want to protect your assets but you also want to teach your dog manners as well. Though chewing is normal, chewing shoes and other household assets are unacceptable. You will need a replaced the chewing object to train you dog to change his chewing habit.

Chewing is usually at its very worst when the puppy is teething, when the teeth in grown out from the gum caused great discomfort; chewing does help to relief the irritation. Chewing is one of the ways that they cope with this pain, and how they will speed up the process by pulling the puppy teeth out.

Your puppy likes to explore his world by sniffing, mouthing and sometimes chomping on everything they can reach. Crate training for your dog can help save your shoes, and it will stop his inherent need to chew, introduce a safe and fun toy for him will be appropriated.

Anything that a dog can fit comfortably into their mouth is too small for them. There will be a risk of choking for them. Before buying a toy, tug on it and see if pieces come off into your hand, if they do they will end up swallowed by your pet making them unsafe. Look for any hard, sharp or unfinished edges, as well as any attachments that could be pulled off and swallowed.

Never substitute your old shoes or personal clothing pieces for your puppy toys. They cannot tell the difference between an old, smelly gym shoe and your favorite shoes. If you let him chew on one shoe or shirt, he will assume he has the green light for all of them. Give your puppy the right toys to chew on instead

Do not allow your puppy to bite and chew on your fingers and toes during play time, then he will think it is okay to bite all humans that come near him, it is a very bad idea especially if there are small children in the household.

write by Phelim

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