How To Store Your Tarot Cards Perfectly

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Because you have taken the time to look for the tarot deck that appeals to you and to spend the money on it, you will want to keep your deck looking nice. And, like any other possession you value, you need to figure out how you want to store it.

You have three options:

1. Buy Something

On eBay and in retail stores, you can find many different things for storing Tarot decks. There are carved wooden boxes available, as well as drawstring bags in a variety of fabrics, some lined, some not.

All of these will work. What your are looking for is one that appeals to you and will keep your cards from getting scratched, bent, or spilled on.

2. Make Something

If you are crafty you can make a drawstring bag yourself, or you can make a storage box. I store my decks in handmade boxes that I designed out of plastic canvas.

3. Find Something

The last option is perhaps the easiest. You can wrap your cards in a piece of fabric, perhaps an old tee shirt that you love.

You may think I am making a joke, but remember, the purpose is to find something that will keep your cards looking nice and also that means something to you. Either a piece of fabric that looks really cool or an old tee shirt that has meaning will do just as well.

I line my boxes with fabric that I like. My main deck is stored in a box lined with the satin cut off when my prom dress was hemmed. That fabric has meaning and therefore is perfect to hold my cards!

A Quick Note About Black Silk

You may have read that Tarot cards need to be stored in black silk. I know I thought this, but have you ever looked for black silk? It is very hard to find, and I never did find any.

If you feel that you have to have black silk, then by all means find some. However, you will probably find that it doesn’t make you as happy as some fabric with stars, or maybe just a plain piece of solid color cotton.

As long as you feel the wrap or container is doing its job, it is.

So, now you know how to choose storage for your tarot cards. No matter what you choose, if you like it, it’s the perfect choice.

write by Rachel Sosa

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