How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast – How to Gain Six Pack Abs Fast

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It comes by many names-spare tire, potbelly, gut, but no matter how people call it, it will always be that embarrassing bulge in the midsection, the excess fold of fat that we always try to lose when we end up looking like we have tucked a rubber donut under our shirt.

Fortunately, many people have battled the stomach bulge with successful results and gain six pack abs. If you want to know how to lose stomach fat successfully, here are a few tips that you can start with.

Start by losing weight. Most people end up getting frustrated when they start doing the crunches with gusto, but cannot seem to see any change on their stomach. If you have a few excess pounds of overall body fat, you need to lose those first, or else you won’t see the effects of those crunches with the pad of fat covering your stomach.

Since your abdominal muscles are underneath your stomach fat, it would not show unless the layer of stomach fat is reduced or removed.

Pairing cardio (jogging, brisk walking, cycling, etc.) with weights will help you burn more energy as well as speed up the body’s metabolism, making it more efficient in burning fat. Weights will help you build more muscle, which is also more efficient at burning fat.

Muscles are known as an active component of burning fat. Since muscles require energy to work, it can consume the fats stored in your stomach fat to provide energy even when you are sleeping.

Finally, watch what you eat. If you want to know how to lose stomach fat the healthy way, exercise is not the only answer. You have to eat more but smaller meals everyday to keep the metabolism going and to supply your body with all the energy that it needs.

Going on starvation diets will not help you any, since the body often turns to your muscle reserves in starvation mode. When your body is starving of food, it actually degrades and breaks down the muscles first before using its own fats. This wont be good if you want to tone up those abs once you have succeeded in slimming them down.

write by Olwen

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