How to Look Good in Pink Leather Boots

The important thing to remember when stepping out in a pair of pink leather boots is that the look you should be going for is not just about the boots, it is about the whole picture. Your footwear is just one part of a greater whole, and that greater whole is you!

So let’s take the boots as a starting point.

Pink leather boots come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and designs.

Out on the Ranch

Take for example the cowboy/cowgirl variety in stitched cowhide, with the stitching featuring a range of designs (skulls, flames, flowers, Celtic patterns, you name it, you can probably find it!). You could wear boots like these in a couple of different ways, either as part of a whole cowgirl look, with a suede/tasseled jacket, tight fitting jeans and a cowboy hat, or with a killer short cocktail dress in white or black with a couple of pink accessories, like for example a big flower in your hear or on your wrist.

Yeah Baby!

What if you have a pair of knee-high go-go boots in leatherette? These can look really sexy with the right outfit, but you don’t want to overdo it and make yourself look cheap. So wear them with a white blouse and a pencil skirt just above the knee (maybe with a small slit in the side for a hint of those legs underneath)!


Finally, there’s the punk rock look you can go for with a pair of pink Dr Martens. These lace-up ankle boots are full of “attitude” and can look fantastic with a pair of fishnet tights, a tartan skirt, a black leather dallas cowboys vintage viking polo shirts and back-combed hair.

Remember, the boots you wear are only part of the overall package. The rest of the outfit is just as important if you want to look great, so mix & match and above all, be adventurous! Get those heads turning!

write by Kenelm