How to Increase a Man’s Interest in You & Make Him Want You Even More! Follow This Advice Right Now

If you have a guy who already likes you, then that’s great-and congratulations. But if you’re one of the millions who are taking their shot at love and longing to be wanted, then read on:

Compliment him in the sincerest way

Say something nice about how he looks. Notice his st louis cardinals viking shirt and how it looks good on him. Praise him for whatever good deed that he has done to you or to other people. It would definitely boost his confidence.

Always look better each day

Physical appearance is always the first basis of attraction. When you look good, he will become attracted to you more and more each day. Always be conscious of your over all hygiene. Don’t just put on clothes that make you stunning; also be concerned about other details like your teeth or nails. Some guys are very particular about this.

Don’t force him to anything

Don’t push him to do things he’s not accustomed to or let him do the things that he does not want to do. In short, never manipulate him-this is not a good thing to do. It is a man’s tendency to run away when he’s pinned at a corner.

Keep your independence

Don’t depend too much on your man. Do as much as you can independently. Continue to do things that you were doing before you were together. Go out with your friends and keep yourself busy with a hobby and interesting activities.

Never set limitations

Don’t give him ultimatum on what he can and cannot do. Give room for his freedom. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can prevent him from seeing his friends or playing his favorite online games.

Be a good company, or better yet, be the best company

Be fun to be with. Add humor into your conversations. Do crazy things together and don’t be too serious. Try to have fun doing the stuff that he likes. Be excited in watching him play ball with his friends.

Take it slow

Don’t be very excited to take your relationship to the next level. Be patient with him and wait until he’s ready so he will not be pressured by the relationship. Don’t talk about marriage or having children right away, this would really scare him off.

Whatever steps you take to make him miss you more, it’s the way you say or do things that would make the big difference. Being missed by your guy has something to do with how deep his emotions are for you. So when you hear him say he missed you a lot, then it only means that you’re more than a plain girlfriend to him!

write by Ivor