How to Catch a Cheating Husband Guaranteed

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From time to time, you may feel that you’re being lied to by your husband. This alone doesn’t mean that your husband is cheating on you. However, over time, small hints and clues may start to build up. He may start to come home later with no excuse, spend more money on things you’re not allowed to ask about, hide his phone records and emails, or simply stop talking to you very much.

When these things happen, it’s your turn to do some investigating. This is when knowing how to catch a cheating husband comes in handy. Following are some strategies that have been shown to work especially well on wayward husbands.

Look for Changes in His Behavior and Appearance

The first thing any middle aged guy with a new sweetheart is going to do is try to look younger and more virile. Of course, this is also the first give away to his wife that something is up. Take a peek at his wardrobe and look for new shirts, odd additions to his accessories or new hair products. Note any new fragrances, shampoos or soaps and whether he is working out more now than you’ve seen in twenty years.

Review His Communication Devices

Next up, it’s time to snoop through your husband’s devices and see who he’s been talking to, where he’s been going, and what details he’s hiding from you. I can guarantee that if he’s been talking to a woman on the phone, he deleted the phone logs. Of course, deleted phone logs are a sign by themselves that something is up.

Another trace element to snoop out is his email and internet history. Has he been chatting with someone you cannot find? Does he have emails hidden away in a secret folder? Is he forgetful enough to leave billing statements for secret credit cards lying around?

Look and Smell for Traces of “Her”

The infamous smell test is next up. Corral him before he gets into the shower next time he comes home and take a strong whiff of his shirt collar. Is it his cologne or someone else’s perfume? Does he have any stray hairs on him or smudges on his cheek or neck? You probably remember all the marks you left on your boyfriends back in the day. Now, take a look for those telltale date-signs.

Gather Physical Evidence

The physical evidence is necessary for irrefutable evidence to present to your husband. Print out billing statements, phone call records and save those hairs. This is a crime and you need real evidence to make sure you can convict him properly. There are even home kits that will allow you to test for biological evidence on his clothing or your bed.

Prepare to Confront Him

Finally, you need to take everything you’ve learned and show it to him. For a woman learning how to catch a cheating husband, the truth will likely come into focus quickly. It can be painful and your immediate response will be anger. You’ll want to confront him immediately and show him just how angry his infidelity makes you. Avoid open confrontations until you’re 100% sure of the infidelity.

Get that evidence, prepare your case, and soothe your anger until you can express it properly. Whatever you do, though, don’t chicken out of discussing things with him or let him blame someone else (especially you!) This is a serious issue and both of you need to treat it as such.

write by Jason Wyman

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