Host an Elvis Birthday or an Elvis Party For Faithful Fans!

Throwing an Elvis party to celebrate the King of Rock and Roll is perfect for

* a birthday party

* a party for fans to commemorate Elvis’s birthday (January 8th) or death (August 16th),

* or a party for old or young Elvis fans any time

Maybe you grew up listening to Elvis records or screaming at one of Elvis concerts. Maybe you enjoy catching one of the King’s movies on late-night TV. Or maybe your child likes 50’s rock and roll music and emulating Elvis’s famous dance moves. An Elvis-themed party will liven up any group. There’s nothing like slick hair, a little karaoke and a lot of hip-swivelin’ to send your guests home smiling.


Send your Elvis-loving guests an invitation shaped like a musical note or guitar. Be sure to let them know if they should dress like Elvis or in 50’s sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ ban công)–poodle skirts, ponytails, leather jackets, white t-shirts, etc.

Elvis Party Decor:

Who better to greet your guests at the door than Elvis himself! Place a 5′ poster of the King on your front door or inside your front entry. Hand each guest a pair of Elvis glasses or, if you’re going all out, a black Elvis wig to wear.

Hang LP’s from the ceiling. Cover the “dance floor” (a living room or game room floor) with colorful balloons. Place posters or pictures of Elvis, Elvis movies, Elvis album covers, jukeboxes, guitars, microphones or 50′ s memorabilia all over the walls. As a table centerpiece, how about an inflatable standing mic, a music note blow-up, or a guitar pinata.

(Or maybe you want to base your party around a particular Elvis movie or song, i.e. “Blue Hawaii”, using tropical decor and having a luau.)


Record Roll: Have your Elvis party guests see how far they can roll an LP across the floor (a hard surface). The winner receives a prize such as: a rock & roll bandanna, Elvis window clings, or a “Blue Hawaii” car shade.

Freeze Frame: Play Elvis songs and have your guests dance. Stop the song suddenly and have your guests “freeze” in that dance pose. Then the person who is “it” (perhaps a person wearing an Elvis wig) chooses the person whose pose most resembles Elvis and he/she then gets to wear the wig and be “it”.

Jailhouse Rock: Teach your guests 50’s dance steps, such as the twist or swing dancing. You can even invite a dance instructor, or a friend, to help you teach. Then allow plenty of time and space for your guests to try out their new moves!

Elvis Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine in advance. For an extra touch, surround it with music note lights. Have a wide selection of Elvis songs for guests to choose from. You can sing for fun or have a contest–the winner being the one who gets the most applause or the one who throws in a few Elvis dance moves.

You can also choose to give an award to each participant: “Most like Elvis”, “Funniest”, “Most Creative”, etc. (certificates, plastic trophies or the same prizes you used in the Record Roll game) Guitar pinata: Fill a guitar pinata with a yummy candy mix, then blindfold guests to see who can break it.


Serve your guests one of Elvis’s favorites–peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Or bake sugar cookies in the shape of guitars or musical notes and let them decorate them. Along with the Elvis sunglasses, send your guests home with a gold crown or silver guitar bling necklace, a rock and roll bandana, or perhaps a “Born To Be King” Elvis C.D.

Elvis Party Gifts:

Along with the Elvis sunglasses, send your guests home with a gold crown or silver guitar bling necklace, a rock and roll bandana, or perhaps a “Born To Be King” Elvis C.D.

By trying these ideas, you’ll host a wonderful Elvis Party. Have fun!

write by Agatha