Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch – Free sewing patterns


Aida fabric, oatmealSix-stranded embroidery thread, various coloursEmbroidery hoop, 15cm

1 Cut a square of Aida large enough to fit the embroidery hoop. Place between the two layers of the frame and pull so the fabric is flat, tightening the outer hoop. Separate two strands from a length of coloured thread and thread an embroidery needle.

2 Work outwards from the centre of the canvas, using the chart. Pass the needle from the back through the lower left hole of a square, leaving 2.5cm of thread behind. Sew through the top-right hole and over to the lower left of the next. Continue in this manner, then reverse to complete the stitches, working from right to left.

3 For the stems of the flowers, use a backstitch in a dark green embroidery thread. Bring the needle up from the back and sew across the square, or move diagonally across the square and through, miss a square and bring the needle out, then stitch backwards to create a continual line.

4 When you have completed the cross stitch, sew a broken circular border around the edge using three strands and a running stitch. For precision, draw a pencil line around a dessert bowl onto the work and sew over it, making a second row 3mm from the first. Finish the ends of the stitched lines with tiny rose buds and fasten a pink bow to the top of the hoop.