The Nike Dunk High Up is a newer product under the Swoosh brand, but its shape is based on a made-for-basketball design from 1985 by the late Peter Moore. The women-only product just came out in a muted mix of “Flat Pewter” and “Sail.”

This version retains the vibe of the original with some updates

The uppers are made in the same way as the original Nike Dunk, but the panels at the quarter and heel have been updated, and the branding on the sides has been rethought. Smooth leather in an off-white color sets the stage for the “Flat Pewter” tone, which is added around the toe and in other places. Under the foot, most of the colors stay the same. The exaggerated midsole goes for a “colorless” look, which lets the beige trim on the outsole shine. The standard-sized profile swooshes, leather underlays that peek out at the sides, and components at the back of the shoe give the soft pink some style. All of these details make the women’s Dunk High Up another example of how good design lasts for a long time.


Overall, the Nike Dunk High Up is one of the best shoes to come back in 2022. Both the design and the materials of the Nike Women’s Dunk High show that it really was “worth the wait.” We’re glad Nike Women’s has its own dunk, but we wish it had a more unique theme.