Heart dolly – Free sewing patterns


Cotton fabric, beige, white, yellow, dark blue, turquoise, fat quartersYellow ricrac, 60cmThin ribbon, 45cmWaddingRound buttonThread, pink, navyPink crayonBrown yarn

Dimensions List

16cm x 40cm

Sew a dolly

1 Download and print the templates from the template pack by clicking the button above. Sew 9cm x 15cm of cream fabric to 13cm x 15cm of yellow. Hide the join with ricrac. Fold in half widthways with right sides facing and pin the body template against the fold. Draw around the outline, then machine stitch leaving the bottom open. Trim the seam to 3mm and turn right side out. Press under a 1cm turning around the opening and stuff. Colour in the cheeks with a crayon. Embroider the eyes and mouth.

2 Cut two beige rectangles, 7cm x 22cm, for the legs and two, 7cm x 13cm, for the arms. Use the templates to make in the same way as for the body. Pin the legs inside the bottom opening and stitch through all layers. Sew the arms to the shoulders.

3 Cut 13cm x 50cm of white printed cotton and 8cm x 50cm of yellow. Sew together with a 6mm seam then fold the piece in half widthways and sew with a 6mm seam to make a tube to make the skirt. Hem the edge and sew on ricrac trim. Press under 1cm around the top edge and gather with running stitch. Slip onto the body, secure the gathers then sew to the waist.

4 Cut two dark blue rectangles, 9cm x 12cm, for the sleeves. With right sides facing, join the long edges. Turn right side out and refold so the raw edges match and you have a double thickness. Fold 14cm x 34cm of the blue fabric in half widthways right sides together, and pin the jacket template in place. Draw around the outside edge and mark and cut the cutting line. Sew all around the outside edge, then trim the seam to 3mm and turn right side out. Tack a 4mm turning round each opening.

5 Slide the sleeves onto the arms, raw edges facing up and sew to the body. Put the jacket on the doll. Sew the neckline to the collar, then the armholes to the sleeves. Turn back the collar and stitch the marked points to the waistband, leaving a 1.5cm gap. Stitch on a button to cover.

6 Wind yarn 30 times around 12cm of card. Sew the strands together then cut through the loop opposite the stitches. Stitch to the top of the head, tie back with ribbon and trim. Fold 10cm x 15cm of turquoise fabric in half, right sides facing. Draw around the heart template and sew the outline. Trim to 3mm, cut through the marked slit and turn out. Stuff, close up the gap and add a daisy trim. Tie ribbon into a loop, and add to the top of the heart. Slip over one arm and secure the hands together.