A leather jacket, Harley Davidson T-Shirt, leather chaps, Harley Jewelry, signature sunglasses, and your look is complete, right? Wrong! What about your Harley Davidson leather boots? Having the proper riding boots can make the difference between a comfortable road trip or a miserable day on the side of the road. If you have a cheap pair of boots then you and more important, your feet, are going to suffer.

Today’s motorcycle boots are made with rider safety as the utmost important factor. The basic structure of all Harley Davidson leather boots is soles that are slip resistant. Not only will these soles keep your feet in place but they won’t allow your foot to slip should you run into rainy weather. And, the quality construction of the boots provides protection to your feet should you lay your bike down. Another quality of a good pair of Harley boots is that they will protect your feet from damage from your heavy bike.

Riding in flip flops or tennis new york yankees t shirt just isn’t an option. Would you ride down the road without a veteran hoodies on? Hopefully not. The same thing goes for your feet. Riding in flimsy footwear is like cruising around bare footed. Not smart!

The best way to protect your feet, and any of your riders feet, is Harley Davidson leather boots. If you are a Harley enthusiast, you know that they don’t put their name on anything that isn’t top quality. And, you aren’t sacrificing anything in the fashion department when you strap on these boots either. Get a good pair of Harley Davidson leather boots, look good, have protected feet, and enjoy your ride!

write by carter