In the past, the Air Jordan 2 Low hasn’t gotten as much attention as the other shoes in #23’s signature sneaker series, but in the last year, it’s become an exciting option.

Brown suede and leather add extra luxury to this classy design

Recently, the lifestyle-focused model was linked to the Two 18 store in Detroit. At first, the shoes were mistakenly credited to Travis Scott. The shoe ditches the fake “cracked” midsole and minimalist redesign seen on other collaborations in favor of a true-to-OG build covered in a premium mix of brown suede and leather, semi-translucent, icy blue midsoles, and more. Burn Rubber’s sister store hasn’t said much about its first Air Jordan collaboration, but the muted outfit probably has something to do with old Detroit. Red and blue accents stand out against the smart shades of brown that make up most of the retro. They appear behind a raven logo on the right sock-liner, while the left ones have a map of a city, possibly Milan, Michigan. Any way you look at it, Two 18’s low-top Air Jordan 2 will make a whole new group of people want the once-overlooked sneaker and visit the store at 1400 E Fisher Service Dr. in “Motor City.”


The Two 18 x Air Jordan 2 Low is a good shoe all around. Often, the designs of the Two 18 collaboration models are dramatic and over-the-top. AJ2 is a low-top sneaker you can wear every day. It’s a slim fit and has subtle graphics. But it’s also made in a way that makes collectors want to buy it.