Half Square Triangle Block Quilt – Free sewing patterns


Cotton 10” charm pack, two packs of 12 designsWhite cotton, 2.5mLightweight wadding, 1.5m


89cm x 132cm

1 Set aside a 1m x 1.4m rectangle of white cotton for the quilt backing and set aside. Trim all 24 of the 10” squares into four 12.5cm squares. Snip 96 12.5cm squares from white cotton and use chalk to draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of each one.

2 Pair up each patterned square with a white one and pin right sides together. Stitch 5mm away on each side of the marking. Cut along the line, open out and press to make HSTs.

3 Separate the HSTs into eight stacks of twelve, with one of each pattern in every stack. Take the first stack and lay out four HSTs in a block to form a large white square in the centre. Add the remaining eight HSTs to the edges to create a plus sign-shaped block with a diagonal square ring in the centre. This will be your centre block.

4 Arrange the remaining HSTs around this centre piece, as shown in the photo. Stitch them together in pairs, then combine these into blocks, followed by pairs of blocks, and finally larger blocks of 16 HSTs, matching up the centre seams accurately each time. Sew the large blocks together to make the top. Press.

5 Pin the quilt top to 1.5m of wadding at regular intervals, then trim the wadding to size. Pin the pinned quilt top centrally on the backing fabric, leaving a wide border. Topstitch around the square rings.

6 Trim the excess backing to 3cm from the edges of the quilt top. Fold in 1cm, then another 1.5cm over the raw edges of the patchwork to make a neat border with mitred corners. Pin and topstitch around the quilt, close to the inner folded edge.