Habby Shell – Free sewing patterns


Cotton, assorted prints Quilt wadding ButtonsPlier fix press studs Elastic or ribbon

1 Download and print the templates. Cut two shapes each of outer, lining and wadding material. Sew the outers together along the straight section. Fold 5mm under along the straight section of each lining piece and glue. Trim 5mm from the straight section of wadding.

2 Layer the pieces, right sides together, with the wadding at the bottom. Sew all around the double shell shape, then clip the curves and turn right side out through the lining opening. Press well and slip-stitch the gap in the lining closed. Topstitch around the outside edge and stitch radiating lines from a central point above the hinge to each furrow in the shell shape.

3 Using the template, cut a trapezium from both fabric and wadding. Layer the pieces, right sides together, with the wadding at the bottom, then sew together, leaving a gap in one side. Turn right side out and topstitch around the entire edge. Pin to the inside of the case and slip-stitch in place through the lining and wadding only. Hand-stitch a short loop of elastic to the top edge and add a button to fasten.

4 On the other side of the case, secure lengths of ribbon or elastic across the inner area with small hand stitches or coordinating buttons to hold haberdashery in place. Close the case and pierce a hole through all the layers in the top scallop. Fit a set of plier fixed press studs through the holes as a closure.