Grab These Air Jordan Shirts If You Are A Movie Lover

Knowing how to rock your sneaker outfits with the Air Jordan shirts is an essential talent for any sneakerhead. Air Jordan is without a doubt one of the greatest sneakers of all time. Air Jordan was founded in Chicago in honor of Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan, who played for the Chicago Bulls. In late 1984, the initial Air Jordan sneakers were made exclusively for Michael Jordan and launched to the public on April 1, 1985.

When it comes to Jordan clothes, it’s critical to maintain a clean appearance. Only a T-shirt and jeans can make your sneaker outfits complete. But if you want to bring it to another level, check out these sneaker shirts below. They are designed in the same colorways as that of the Air Jordans and inspired by hot movies a long time ago and even now.

1. Squid Game White – Air Jordan 5 Jade Horizon 5s

Air Jordan shirts

Squid Game is a Netflix original South Korean survival drama series developed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. Squid Game was published to widespread praise and international attention on September 17, 2021. It is Netflix’s most-watched series as of November 2021, having become the most-watched program in 94 countries and drawing more than 142 million member households and 1.65 billion viewing hours in its first four weeks of release.

2. Boyz N The Hood Vintage Black – Air Jordan 1 Atmosphere 1s

Air Jordan shirts

In his feature directorial debut, John Singleton wrote and directed Boyz n the Hood, a 1991 American coming-of-age hood drama film. Boyz n the Hood features Tre Styles (Gooding Jr.), who is sent to live in South Central Los Angeles with his father Furious Styles (Fishburne), surrounded by the neighborhood’s thriving gang culture. The title of the film is a play on the phrase boyhood as well as a reference to the 1987 N.W.A. Ice Cube wrote a rap song with the same title.

3. Ghostface Scream Horror Movies Billy Loomis 2022 Black – Air Jordan 3 Camo 3s

Ghostface Scream Horror Movies Billy Loomis 2022 Black – Air Jordan 3 Camo 3s

Scream is a four-picture American meta-slasher media franchise, with a fifth film set to be released in 2022. The films follow Sidney Prescott as she fights a slew of murderers who disguise themselves as Ghostface and hunt and kill their victims. Sidney is helped by Dewey Riley, a town cop, Gale Weathers, a tabloid reporter, and Randy Meeks, a cinema buff, as well as a slew of other friends, romantic partners, and acquaintances who shift as the series unfolds.

4. Twilight Saga Edward Cullen And Bella Swan Vintage Black – Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey 11s

Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Saga is an iconic series of five vampire-themed romance fantasy films based on author Stephenie Meyer’s four novels. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner star in the flicks. The movie then becomes one of the most famous movies for teens even before and now.

5. Scream Horror Movies Ghostface Billy Loomis We All Go A Little Mad Black – Air Jordan 4 Wild Things 4s

Another shirt that takes inspiration from the movie “Scream” with the famous line:” We all go a little mad sometimes” from Billy Loomis.

Billy is a horror movie fanatic who persuaded his best buddy, Stu Macher, to assist him to launch a killing spree in Woodsboro in retaliation for his parents’ divorce, which Maureen Prescott caused.

His character is remarkable in that he was purposefully portrayed as a potential killer while the red herring, Neil Prescott, was presented, diverting most viewers’ attention away from Billy.

So, if you are an avid movie fan, don’t hesitate anymore to take one of these Air Jordan shirts to match your sneaker.