Getting Rid of Arm Fat – Saying Goodbye to the Jiggle and Hello to Tank Tops

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Do you feel like when you wave goodbye your arm fat keeps right on waving long after you have stopped? Fat on the back of the arms is one of the most frustrating things and can really make you feel self conscious and embarrassed to wear short sleeved shirts or tank tops. The backs of the arms are a common trouble spot for women, although men can also suffer from excess fat on their arms as well. Here are some tips for getting rid of arm fat.

One thing that a lot of people are not aware of is that the way our bodies are designed you can’t just target one specific area of your body where you want to lose fat. While that would be ideal, it is just not the way our bodies work. That means that in order to lose the fat on the backs of your arms you need to decrease your overall body fat.

Losing fat is quite a bit different than losing weight. When someone loses weight they may be losing both muscle mass and water weight along with a little bit of fat. By focusing your efforts on losing fat rather than losing weight you are going to see the results that you want more quickly and the fat will start to disappear from all parts of your body – including the backs of your arms. Dropping your body fat will give you a sleeker, more toned look overall.

One of the best ways to start losing fat is to add some lean muscle to your body. See, muscle takes more energy for your body to maintain than fat does, and it provides that energy by burning calories. That means that the more muscle you have on your body the more calories you are going to burn – even while you are just sitting around.

Now, you don’t need to bulk up or get “huge” with muscle. Just adding some strength training to your workout routine will help you to add muscle and to kick your metabolism higher so that your body burn calories more efficiently. Try adding strength training such as lifting weights or doing pushups, lunges or squats several times a week to start building muscle.

To maximize your fat loss efforts you should also incorporate cardio into your workout several times a week – preferably after you have done your strength training.

Along with that you need to follow a diet specifically designed for losing fat rather than losing weight. Most diets don’t provide your body with enough energy to power your muscles and stay strong. A fat loss diet, however gives your body the energy it needs while at the same time helping you to quickly lose fat without losing your muscle tone along with it. Before you know it by doing the right kinds of exercise and eating the right foods you will see that arm fat start to melt away.

write by victor young

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