Gerry the Giraffe – Free sewing patterns



Felt: brown, cream, mustard, black Fusible interfacingKnitting yarn, four-plyKnitting needles, 3mmToy fillingGoogly eyesHeat erasable penFabric glue

1 Download and print the templates from Using the templates, cut out one pair of the body and head, and one pair of gussets. Put the templates onto a doubled layer of cream felt and draw around them using a heat erasable pen. This will become the stitching line, so a seam allowance of 3mm needs to be added.

2 The remaining pieces are to be cut without a seam allowance. From cream felt, snip two outer ears. From brown felt, cut two hooves and two horns. From mustard felt snip one mane piece, cutting ‘V’ shapes along the curved edge to create a fringe, cut two inner ears, some ovals to form Gerry’s spots and a 5mm x 6cm fabric strip.

3 With the strip tie a knot slightly just over halfway, then make cuts in the end past the knot to make the tail. From black felt cut two small oval shapes to make his nostrils. Adhere fusible interfacing to the back of the felt piece first before drawing around the templates of the oval spots, inner ears, hooves and nostrils.

4 Match the right sides of the pair of gussets together, then sew across the curved top edge on top of the pen lines, leaving a gap in the centre of the stitching between the notches marked on the template. Match the gusset legs to the legs of the body and head pieces, with the inside of the pieces facing. Stitch from the front edge of the gusset, around the legs and back to the gusset, then repeat this on the opposite side.

5 Peel the paper backing off the fusible interfacing pieces and adhere the inner ears to the centre of the outer ears. Position them between the two layers at the head as marked on the template and pin into place. Position the two horns, again between the two head layers and also between the ears. Sandwich the mane and tail, then stitch on the pen lines from the top of the gusset at the back, up and over the head, then down to the top of the front of the gusset, sandwiching all the components in the stitching line.

6 Position the spots, hooves and nostrils. Cover the toy with a pressing cloth and adhere the pieces by pressing firmly down with a hot iron. Stuff the neck and head, then the body and legs through the gap left in the gusset. When you are happy with the shape, hand slip-stitch the gap closed. Stick the eyes to the head using fabric glue.

7 To make the scarf, cast on ten stitches and continue to plain knit until it is 30cm long. Slip the first stitch of every row to ensure that the edges stay neat. Cast off and weave in the ends of the yarn. Tie the scarf around Gerry’s neck.