Gardener’s Gift Box – Free sewing patterns



Fabric, cotton: blue, brown, cream, green patterned, plain green, orangeWadding, 18.5cm x 27.5cmHeavyweight interfacing, 18cm x 27cm Ribbon, 36cmAcid-free glue stickBrown luggage label

Trace around the box on its side onto the fabric to get the measurements for one edge. Extend this measurement by the same amount another three times, and add an extra 2cm to the width all the way around. Cut it out and set aside.

Trim a rectangle which is slightly larger than the top of the box. Cut out leaves from two different green patterned fabrics and arrange on the rectangle. Use a glue stick to secure in place, making sure all the edges are stuck firmly. Embroider the leaves in bright green thread, add stalks in cream and create a shadow accent with green thread. Iron on the reverse and set aside.

Take the fabric trimmed earlier for the sides of the lid and fold it in half to find the middle. Arrange the seedling leaves, starting from the midpoint and working out. Secure in place with glue, then stitch the details in dark green. Apply the glue stick directly onto the box and then stick this length of fabric in place. Start by applying it to the middle of the front, pressing down firmly and working around so that the raw ends overlap at the back.

Press the 2cm overhang down onto the top of the box, mitring the corners. Press firmly into the recess inside the lid. Cut blue fabric to fit the inside of the lid and glue in place. Trim the previously embroidered rectangle so that it fits the top of the lid. Stick securely. Stick a luggage label inside the lid with ‘notes’ written on it.

To cover the bottom half of the box, follow the same instructions but use brown fabric. If the box has an insert, cover it in the deep cream fabric using the same technique. Cut a 3cm x 6cm rectangle in cream fabric and one from dark brown that is slightly larger. Cut an aperture as shown in the picture from the brown rectangle and stick it onto the cream fabric. Embroider the word ‘seeds’ onto it, then fix to the box to finish.