Frilled Peplum-Style Top – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, 2m (150cm)Hook and eye



Dimensions List

Front: cut one on the foldBack: cut one pairLower front: cut two on the foldLower back: cut two on the foldSleeve: cut one pairFrill: cut two on the foldNeckband: cut a bias strip, 4cm x 68cm1.5cm seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise stated.

1 Download and print the template at, then cut out the pattern pieces according to the cutting guide. On both sides of the bias strip, fold and press in 1cm. Neaten the front and back shoulder seam edges, then position the front piece over the back, right sides facing, and stitch. Press the seams open.

2 Open one side of the bias strip and position it around the neckline. Pin in place, then sew along the fold line pressed into the bias strip. Fold the strip over onto the wrong side of the neckline and position the remaining folded edge over the sewing, then pin and edgestitch while sandwiching the raw edge of the neckline inside the binding.

3 Neaten the centre back edges and ends of the binding. Stitch the centre back seam together from the base up to the notch for the opening, then press. Iron the seam allowance in the back opening and neaten the side edges of the front and back top pieces. Match up the side seams, then pin, stitch and press open.

4 Neaten the long edges of the sleeves. Sew a row of gathering stitch around the head of the sleeves, starting from the front notch and finishing at the back. Match, pin and stitch the underarm seams together, right sides facing, then press the seams open and turn the sleeves to the right side. Pull the gathering threads up slightly, then place the sleeve into the armhole.

5 Match the side and underarm seams together by aligning the notch in the centre of the sleeve to the one at the end of the shoulder seam. Adjust the gathers to fit the armhole, then pin and stitch. Neaten the seam allowances of the armhole and the base of the sleeves. Fold and press a 3cm hem, then stitch.

6 Neaten the short edges of the lower top pieces; these are now the side seams. Lay one on top of the other with right sides facing, then pin and sew the side seams together. Along one of the edges, sew a double row of gathering stitch. Pull up the threads and distribute the gathers evenly until it fits the base of the top and the side seams match. Join the top to the lower part, then pin and stitch. Neaten the seam allowance and press it upwards, then neaten the base, pressing the hem and securing in place.

7 Make the frill by joining the two strips together to create a circle. Overlock the two edges by setting the machine to a roll hem. Add gathering stitch through the centre of the circle, then pull the threads up, distributing the gathers evenly while positioning the frill over the seam line in between the top and the lower piece. Match the side seams and stitch. Sew a hook and eye to the top of the back opening.