FREE Face Covering and Matching Pouch – Free sewing patterns


Cotton, assorted prints ElasticSnap fasteners

Create a face covering

1 Download the templates and print. Cut pairs of masks from two different fabrics. Place right sides together and stitch along the curved front, from top to bottom. Open out and match up the masks right sides together. Pin and stitch all the way round, leaving a 4cm gap along the bottom lower edge.

2 Clip the corners, turn out, fold over and press the edges of the gap. Topstitch across the top and bottom edges of the mask, 3mm from the seam, closing the turning gap along the way. Fold in 1cm at both ends and topstitch close to the seam to make a channel at each end.

3 Cut two pieces of elastic, 25cm long, thread one through each channel and secure into a loop with a tight reef knot. Slide the elastic through the channel to hide the knot.

Make a matching pouch

1 Download the templates and print. Cut two rectangles of fabric. Place right sides together and stitch along the two short edges. Sew from the top edge down as far as the first fold line on the template, on both long edges. Snip the strap section and fold in 5mm on both long edges. Fold the strip in half lengthways and topstitch close to the open edge to create a strap.

2 Open the unstitched section of the pouch so the bottom seam can be matched up to the end of the flap seams, allowing the two fabrics to lay right sides together. Fold the strap in half and tuck the loop inside the outer fabric layers so the raw ends match up with the raw edges, close to the flap seam.

3 Pin and stitch down all open sides, securing the strap as you go and leaving a 3cm gap in the centre of one lining side for turning. Ensure the flap is out of the way as you stitch each section separately.

4 Turn the pouch and flap out through the gap so there are three ‘pockets’ of fabric. Fold in and topstitch the turning gap. Push the lining pocket inside the outer to create a lined pouch. Press well and add snap fasteners to the front of the pouch and flap. Fit a large split ring onto the strap for clipping to a keyring.