Flora the Basset Hound – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: patterned, 50cm; plain, 25cm Felt, brown Fusible adhesive webbing Fibre filling Buttons: two, black, 10mm; one, decorative, 2.3cmLeather strip, 1.5cm wide

1 Download and print the templates. Trace the side panels onto fusible adhesive webbing. Roughly cut out the shapes and iron onto the back of brown floral fabric. Trim accurately to the traced line and remove the backing paper. Cut two body pieces from yellow fabric and position the contrast panels on each one. Fuse in place before securing with a small zig zag stitch using thread in a complementary shade.

2 Cut two gusset pieces from yellow fabric, fold the top of each leg section right sides together and stitch the darts. Unfold and sew the gussets to the lower half of each body piece without sewing across the bottom of each foot. Stitch the top line of the gussets together.

3 Pin and stitch the rest of the body pieces together from each end of the gusset and clip all curves. Fold the muzzle inside the head and stitch a shallow dart across the bridge of the nose where indicated on the pattern. Turn the dog out through one of the feet.

4 Fold in 5mm around the bottom of each foot and tack the hem. Firmly stuff through the foot tubes, using a knitting needle to get right to the tip of the tail. Once filled, cut four 3.5cm wide discs of grey felt and oversew to the hemmed feet with small stitches. Remove the tacking stitches.

5 Cut two pairs of ears from brown floral fabric and one pair from felt. Layer the pieces, right sides together, with the felt underneath and sew all around, leaving a 3cm gap. Trim the felt close to the seam before turning each ear right sides out. Fold in the raw edges of the gap and slip stitch closed.

6 Oversew the tops of the ears to either side of the head and add two black button eyes across the head dart. Oversew a felt nose in place, adding a little extra stuffing underneath if desired. Sew a 1.5cm x 22cm strip of leather into a ring and add a decorative button to the join before slipping over the dog’s head as a collar.