If you’re mourning the passing of Summer (or anticipating it – hello to those in the Southern hemisphere!), you may be thinking about getting out your winter staples and stowing the pretty dresses away for the year. Down from the attic come the chunky sweaters, the comforting jeans and thick socks. You do not, however, need to wave goodbye to the notion of looking feminine and glamorous in floaty chiffon dresses. Grecian style pieces are perfect for layering up and providing an alternative to the ‘boring’ jeans and jumper combo that is the easy go to outfit in the colder months. It’s easy to get into the rut of wearing the same knits day in day out, but these pieces can be put to better use by pairing them with dressier items.

Beginning with a Grecian style dress, you could layer with thick tights and a holey knit, for a twist on the 90s grunge trend, for example. A mix of the feminine and the more edgy, you can merge styles for a look that is wholly yours, and manages to keep you warm through the season. Loving the look of the Military trend this Fall, but too sad to say goodbye to your chiffon sundresses? Layer up a cream coloured Grecian dress with a camouflage jacket, and finish off the ensemble with combat boots and gold accessories. The juxtaposition of Military and Grecian is compelling precisely because of its incongruity; playing with different textures and mixing a color palette shows you know how to have fun with your style, and keeps your summer pieces relevant.

It’s also important to mention that whilst we might associate Grecian dresses primarily with Summer vacations, they’re just as much a classic for eveningwear all year round. Ever popular with Proms and Debutantes, it’s a fail-safe style because of the classic cuts and ancient historical references. Of course in Fall and Winter, you’ll need to accessorize with more than a tan and strappy sandals. A cosy shrug – or even a leather pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt for an edgier look – in a complementary tone will keep the outfit weather appropriate but also ensure the focus is on your stunning dress.

When it comes to cleveland indians hawaiian shirt , you can still wear your open toed heels if that’s what you prefer, but we’d recommend a quality pair of nude footless tights so that you’re not either freezing or left with the toe of your tights being clearly visible. It is possible, however, to pair more contemporary shoe styles with the classic Grecian dress, and carry off the look. A clompy pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots brings a fierceness to your feminine ensemble, and wedges will lend some comfort to your step. With the Leather/Bondage trend of Fall 2012, seen at Alexander Wang and Givenchy, you can accessorize with belts and harnesses for a look that’s sexy and chic, or bring some darkness with your make up; a plum lipstick says gothic glamor like nothing else.

write by Eulalia