Fleur de Couleur cross stitch – Free sewing patterns


Black or white Aida, fabric count 148” embroidery hoopDMC embroidery threads: lemon (307), light lemon (445) dark pewter grey (413), dark steel grey (414), very dark cranberry (600), burnt orange-red (606), tangerine (740), light tangerine (742), dark carnation (891), very light carnation (894), medium parrot green (906), light parrot green (907), medium electric blue (996), electric blue (3843)

Dimensions List

15.25cm diameter

Work a colourful hanging

1 Download and print the colour chart using the button above. Fold your Aida in half both ways to form a cross-shaped crease in the centre, then secure in a hoop so the crease is in the middle and the fabric is smooth and taut.

2 Work the design according to the chart, starting from the middle and working outwards. The colour key at the bottom of the chart will tell you which threads to use for each part of the design.

3 If you run out of thread or come to the end of the section you’re stitching and need to secure off, take your needle under three or four stitches on the underside of your work. Pull the needle through and snip off the excess. The thread end will be held by the stitches and be nicely tucked away.

4 When the cross stitch is complete, remove from the hoop, pre-rinse under cold running water, then wash gently in cold water with a small amount of mild detergent or dishwashing liquid. Rinse several times until the water runs clear – don’t worry if the water becomes coloured. Roll the piece between two clean towels, squeezing gently without wringing – do not allow the cross stitch to touch upon itself.

5 Unroll the towels and spread to dry on a fresh towel or drying rack. Leave to air dry until just damp so that it can be ironed. Place the cross stitch face down between two clean towels (to protect the stitches from being crushed) and press lightly with a warm (but not hot) iron. Use the steam setting to remove any creases if necessary. Frame your work, either in the embroidery hoop or a picture frame.

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