Even though Nike ISPA is a small business, it is one of the brand’s biggest risks. The Nike Sportswear branch just released the Sense Flyknit, a new style that pushes the limits of sustainability and shoe design even further.

The sole units are both visually attractive and functional

The ISPA Sense Flyknit is based on the idea of “Improvise; Scavenge; Protect; Adapt.” It is a responsive, eye-catching option for people who live on the edge between lifestyle and sport. The model’s shape is similar to the Nike Hike and Nike ACG styles from the 1980s and 1990s, as well as the HTM Chukka styles from the middle of the 2010s. However, its extra padding and busy look make it a unique product. The sole units, on the other hand, might be the most interesting part of the shoe because they are different from most of what the Swoosh has made in its 58-year history. They have a labyrinth-like pattern in the middle, are taller than usual, and have ridges on the bottom. No information has been given about the cushioning in the midsole, but it is likely made of Nike React foam. Other places, the traction on the bottom is probably made from repurposed materials, which is the same as other ISPA designs like the Link.


Nike is once again taking the athletic world by storm with their new innovative running shoe. The unique piece of technology here is clearly worth the price—not just for athletes, but also for anyone searching for some high-tech footwear.