Finding Wholesalers – A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Wholesale Products

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Where do I start?

Reading through your local paper or even the yellow pages might bring back some results, but for the modern day small business the frustration is that there are isn’t a great deal of opportunity to buy wholesale products online. Most of the good wholesalers I have come across actually don´t deal on the net at all. This should change over time, but you should not just limit yourself to searching for suppliers on the Internet.

Most wholesalers that I have come across stick to traditional tried and tested methods; word of mouth, local advertisement, or just your average advertisement in trader magazines. You are very unlikely to find a wholesaler advertising in such high quantities as large retailers do, so I will be honest, finding a good, reliable wholesaler isn’t an easy task.

The gap in the market for these “Online Wholesalers” has now, however been slightly catered for with the introduction of many wholesaling sites that provide you with details of wholesalers, whether they are located on or off the Internet. Most of these lists aren’t freely available and you do have to pay, usually a yearly or monthly membership fee.

With this said however, to find the most reliable ones, you will still have to do most of the work yourself.

Where can you get wholesale contacts?

Wholesaling Forums

By searching discussion forums where suppliers are discussed and opinions are given you get a real feel for what a certain company is like. That said, you can also search through threads that fit in with what you are looking to sell and pickup supplier leads through that.

The Wholesale Forums is without a doubt the best wholesaling community there is on the net at the moment. The content on there is in-depth and has lots of different section discussing all aspects of business. There is also a great community feel where each and every opinion is valued. Definitely go and take a look!

Wholesale Directories

There are many across the web and a lot of them can be very useful indeed! These directories are often full of some of the best wholesale suppliers on the web. You can usually search by product which makes finding that essential supplier a little easier. They normally have a huge database of reliable sellers looking for buyers. They also have a huge range of products on offer. Wholesale Directories are one of the better places to find wholesale contacts.

Search Engines

With the likes of Google at your finger tips a wealth of knowledge and suppliers can be found by running a few good keywords into the engine. A good hour or two searching the Internet is a good hour to finding a wholesale supplier. If you finish that hour without a supplier, don´t think of it as a waste of time, because research isn’t time wasting!

What about wholesale lists?

I personally am not a great fan of Wholesale Lists, especially the ones that circulate eBay. Now this doesn’t´t apply to all of them, but quite a lot of people selling wholesale lists are out there just to make a quick buck so the caliber of the list will probably not be that great. The lists may contain sites that sell illegal items, fake or even replicas. Should you choose this option, I would advise purchasing from a well known source on the Internet rather than crawling auction sites for these lists because a lot of them are simply the same lists being sold everywhere.

Once again, remember that these contacts are not special wholesalers that only appear on wholesale lists, most of the contacts in these lists can be found with a bit of hard research. Bear that in mind when considering buying wholesale lists.

Final Thought

“Finding wholesalers is not an easy task. It is both time consuming and frustrating when against you, but it can be highly rewarding when you find that one magical supplier!”

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write by Michelle Burns

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