Felt Succulents – Free sewing patterns


Felt, assorted colours Pom pom trim, yellow Fibre fillingGlue gun Card Small food tin Florist wire

Sew a cactus

Download and print the templates from sewmag.co.uk, or copy from page 85. From green felt, cut six from the leaf one template and six pieces slightly bigger than leaf one. Place together in pairs with the bigger piece underneath, and sew all the way around, leaving the bottom edge unstitched. Stuff firmly up to the dashed line. Repeat this process five times for the leaf two template, five for leaf three and once for leaf four.

Lay the number one leaves into a circle, unstuffed ends overlapping, and hand sew in place. Repeat with the rest of the leaves, layering the number two leaves next, then the number three leaves. Cut two number five leaves from green felt and secure the base of each to the base of the stuffed number four leaf. Glue this to the top of the layered leaves.

Measure the height and add 1.5cm to the bottom and 2cm to the top. Use these measurements to cut a rectangle from coral felt. Stitch a length of pom pom trim across the width, 2cm from the top edge. Pin the short ends together, wrong side out, and sew a 5mm seam. Trim off the excess close to the stitch line.

Measure the diameter of the tin and add 1.5cm, then use this measurement to cut out a circle from coral felt. Pin, right sides together, at the base of the pot. Sew a 5mm seam all the way around and trim off the excess, then turn the pot right side out. Fold the top edge over to line up with the pom pom trim and stitch. Insert the tin.

Measure around the inner lip of the tin, then use this to cut a circle from thin card. Cover this with brown felt, then place on top of the tin and secure with glue. Stick the leaves over the top. Cut a few small pebble shapes from grey and beige felt and adhere around the leaves.

Stitch an aloe vera

Using the aloe vera templates, cut two of the largest leaves from green felt. Place a 14cm length of florists wire down the middle of each. Leaving a 2cm gap at the top, fold the sides of the felt over to trap the wire.

Sew a seam down the middle to trap it. Lay both leaves open, with the covered wire ridge right side up. Use the template markings to hand sew details using two shades of green embroidery thread.

Cut two of the number two leaves from light green felt. Lay each onto the wrong side of the number one leaves, lining up at one side. Starting at the bottom, sew up the side, cose to the edge, until you reach the tip. Pull the other side to line up and stitch down, leaving the bottom unstitched.

Repeat this process to make the three smaller leaves, using the number three and four leaves in different shades of green. Use a length of wire, 11cm. Firmly stuff each leaf. Curl the remaining length of wire around and bend it to 90 degrees so that it provides a base underneath the wadding.

Use thick card to make a 9cm square box, without a top. Cut two 11cm x 15cm pieces from yellow felt and two from coral. Sew together, alternating the colours. Cut two scallop pieces from coral and two from yellow. Sew the coral scallops onto the left side of the yellow squares, and the yellow scallops onto the coral.

Pin and stitch, right sides together. Cut a felt square, 1.5cm bigger than the base of the pot, and sew right sides together. Trim off the excess at the corners and turn right side out. Trim a square from card to fit the top of the pot and cover with brown felt. Secure on top of the pot and stick each aloe leaf over the top. Snip a few small pebble shapes from grey and beige felt and adhere around the leaves.